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  • Pat Juon

The Steinbergs Share Their Story of a Doodle Bug Ride and Meeting with Jay Leno

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Several years ago a group of friends and I decided to ride our classic (Triumph, Norton, Mustang ) motorcycles up to the Rock Store, a famous biker ‘hangout’ located in the Malibu Canyon approximately 35 miles north of Los Angeles. It’s a very curvy road through the canyon which causes all riders to be ‘on their toes’ negotiating all the twists and turns.

As we were putting together our plan for the ride, my wife, Diane, had a girlfriend visiting from Texas and they said they would like to go with us.   My wife came up with an idea,  “Let’s load the Doodle Bug in the back of our pick up truck and take it to the Rock Store.  We will park before we get to the Rock Store, unload it off the truck, and I’ll ride it in behind the Mustang”. It seemed like a fun idea, I went with it and that’s what we did.  About 1/2 mile from the Rock Store the classic motorcycle  group continued on and Diane, her friend and I  pulled over to the side of the road and unloaded the Bug.  I continued on with her behind me, well the classic bikes were already getting a lot of attention from the crowd as they were pulling into the parking lot.  The Mustang has straight pipes and is considerably loud, when they saw me coming in on the Mustang someone yelled out “there’s a Mustang!” Then, when they saw the Doodle Bug following they shouted “Wow, there’s a Doodle Bug too!”

As Diane parked the Doodle Bug, she was surrounded by many astonished spectators.  Among them was a well known celebrity, Jay Leno, who came up to her and said, “I hope you didn’t get a speeding ticket on that” to which she replied, “I talked my way out of it”.  In one picture you can see me sitting on the Bug with Jay (with dark hair) in the background.

To this day, after thousands of bikes have made the trek to the Rock Store, I’m sure that our Doodle Bug was the only one ever to grace it with its presence.


Fritz & Diane Steinberg, Culver City, CA



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